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Why Rebalance?

To restore to the correct balance. By Tim Flick, CFP® In short: The primary goal of a rebalancing strategy is to minimize risk relative to a target asset allocation. A portfolio’s asset allocation is the major determinant of a portfolio’s risk-and-return...

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Talking to Your Kids About Your Wealth

How can you convey its importance and its meaning? Provided by Tim Flick, CFP®  What accounts for the difference? It may boil down to values. When the right values are handed down, a young adult is poised to hold wealth in high regard and receive it with maturity....

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One Couple, Two Different Retirements?

After many years together, some retired spouses may find their daily routines far apart.  Provided by Tim Flick, CFP®   When you see online ads or TV commercials about retirement planning, do they ever show baby boomer couples arguing? No. After all, retirement...

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